By | November 24, 2016

I used to talk about numerous common people about Islam. They had a few inquiries and objectios. I am attempting here to answer some of their inquiries.Agnostic: Islam has spread by the sword.Muslim: This is not valid. Islam has spread in numerous nations in Asia and Africa with no military activity.

The Islamic human progress is a reality that can’t be denied. Get some information about the Islamic development in Spain and the obscurity of Europe. Islam is not an uncouth religion. In any case, Islam is the genuine religion. The Islamic development utilized the military activities for protection and for assaulting a few foes. Be that as it may, the muslims did not authorize anybody to change over to Islam.

The muslims treated non-muslims fairly. They needed to persuade them not to implement them to change over to Islam.Skeptic: I needn’t bother with any religion.Muslim: Who has made the universe? Who has made you? What is the point of your life? What will transpire after death?

All these are inquiries that you can’t discover answers to without Islam. Plus, you appreciate materialistic joys, yet you disregard your spirit. Islam accomplishes the adjust and amicability between the spirit and the body. Islam does not deny materialistic delights, but rather Islam is a unit of making the most of our lives and more essential complying with our God and Creator.