Unloading an elephant

By | December 17, 2016

That divider has many spikes and it is loaded with dread and dangers to pivot any individual who looks to escape from it. The most exceedingly terrible of these is hellfire and the smoldering for time everlasting in this pretend non-existent broiler. When it is advised to you from a youthful kid and for the duration of your life the issue is one can’t without much of a stretch overlook the dangers.

The trap was set in Babylon over 4,000 years prior when the Islamic religion appeared. It depends on the sun-star, Mari or Mary. It shows up when the sun goes behind an opening or crest and the rainbow hued lights or rings of ceaseless movement are framed.

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From this “star” the creative energy of religious fathers contrived ways that they could “wed” Mary and get to be fathers in paradise. This is the source of Father God and the supposed Son (sun) of God.

My insight originates from years of research and memory of resurrection which set off an existence of perceptions and a solid connection to the Spirit of the Universe. Between lives a dream demonstrated to me that at 45 years old something exceptional would happen. It was then that I was dispatched to tear down the divider and free the detainees.