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By | November 30, 2016

Obviously by and by I discover blame with all religions on the planet and with the stories they the indicate, as they don’t jive with the observational substances of the known world in the present time frame and they are all keeping down humankind in some respect. What are your contemplations on that? Maybe we should seriously mull over all religions and the repercussions of their run the show.

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Today, Feb. 8, 2006, French President Jacques Chirac blamed daily papers printing kid’s shows for Prophet Muhammad of “incitement”, after yet another French distribution put the hostile cartoon on its pages. President Chirac said, “Anything that can hurt the feelings of another, especially religious feelings, must be kept away from. Opportunity of expression must be practiced in a soul of duty.” A conviction is a solid confidence in reality of their religion, a solid conviction that their Holy Bible is the outright truth, the Word of God Himself.

The Old Testament is the Holy Bible of Judaism. The Old Testament in addition to the New Testament is the Holy Bible of Christianity. The Old Testament in addition to the New Testament in addition to the Koran is the Holy Bible of Islam. To curse is to state that the Holy Bible isn’t right, false, untrue, not the Word of God. Galileo was a blasphemer. Galileo had a telescope. Galileo said that the Earth was moving despite the fact that the Holy Bible says three circumstances that the Earth does not move and it never will.

For his lewdness Galileo was detained for quite a long time by the dependable unequipped for mistake Pope. The Pope would have executed Galileo for his profanation which was a capital offense however the two men were companions. The greatest blasphemer is your God, ideal in your Holy Bibles. As should be obvious with Galileo, disrespect is regularly valid.