Urwa Hocane’s Khala Dance

By | December 20, 2016

Picture this: On a brilliant sun sparkly day, ten oil and freight ships chug toward the U.S.. Each is outfitted with two medium range atomic rockets and launchers. Both focused for the same U.S. city, as precise as our own. On the off chance that the left one doesn’t get you, the correct one will.

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For all we know they could be our own. Is there a breaking point to government conspiracy? There is none. At the point when every one of the ten ships, each with an alternate populace target, are in position, at a specific time of night, the dispatch charge is given. Inside minutes, ten populace focuses are demolished. Not one hostile to rocket framework ever propelled a rocket.

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And would have benefited no on the off chance that they had, because of the brief timeframe and separation. Not at all like 911, this one won’t be broadcast.What will our national government be doing the next morning? Will they be propelling every one of “our” nukes? What will the objectives be? Iran and North Korea? Regardless, Washington D.C. would be an objective if there was just a single.

At that point who might the Strategic Air Command target, Caracas? The assault boats could chug into U.S. ports and dump their honest to goodness payloads if the port was not in an objective zone.The next morning the greater part the U.S. military is conveyed abroad and the staying military has no headquarters. This would be a magnificent time for outfitted scalawags to visit the U.S.

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