Veena Malik As Reham Khan

By | December 6, 2016

Autocracy is a radical totalitarian political rationality that consolidates components of corporatism, tyranny, extraordinary patriotism, militarism, hostile to turmoil, against socialism and hostile to progressivism.”

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This appears to me to be a lovely darn great meaning of what our present organization has done to this nation in the wake of and name of 911. Be that as it may, it appears to this organization, the best safeguard is a decent offense and an entire group of projection to boot.

“One party rule is related by numerous researchers with at least one of the accompanying qualities: a high level of patriotism, financial corporatism, a capable, domineering pioneer who depicts the country, state or group as better than the people or gatherings making it.” Wikepedia “Facism”

That appears to be pretty darn precise as well, in portraying how it feels to live in America today.WASHINGTON (Aug. 30) – President Bush as of late has recast the worldwide war on fear into a “war against Islamic one party rule.” Fascism, truth be told, is by all accounts the new popular expression for Republicans in a decision season commanded by a disagreeable war in Iraq.

Bramble utilized the term not long ago in discussing the capture of suspected fear based oppressors in Britain, and talked about ‘Islamic fascists’ in a later discourse in Green Bay, Wis. Representative Tony Snow has utilized minor departure from the expression at White House squeeze briefings.