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By | January 5, 2017

There were additionally umpteen instances of Pandit young ladies being grabbed by these activists and over and again assaulted and killed. The miserable piece of this was even a portion of the neighborhood people agreed with the Muslim radicals, with a view to assume control over the property of the Hindu Pandits for their own particular advantages.

The matters did not end there and there were instances of Muslim aggressors going by the homes of the Pandits and persuasively bedding the spouses and girls of the house. The state government seemed feeble and the Hindu pandits felt a dismissed part. They had in this way no choice yet to escape the valley.

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This makes tragic perusing as the Pandits were threatened and constrained out of the valley, which had been their home for a long time. The situation of the Pandits lacks the consideration it merits and most Pandits have lost property worth crores as they fled the valley for their lives. It makes sadder perusing still that the focal government sat by and looked as this savagery proceeded in the valley.

What without bounds? There appears to be no promising end to present circumstances. The valley is currently outside the alloted boundaries to the Hindu Pandits who set out not do a reversal. The administration of India and the world must join to face this brand of Islamic militancy before it eats up different ranges too.