Video that made the whole world cry

By | December 31, 2016

Today, as Islamic fundamentalism is making progress around the world, the Jews are by and by ending up in the undesirable position of being the world’s substitute. Many think that its advantageous to have the capacity to accuse the overall increment in Islamic fundamentalist fear mongering on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and “occupation” of their domains – and the fundamentalists are glad to engender this thought.

In any case, were this even truly genuine, can this be viewed as a legitimate avocation for the sensational ascent in fear based oppression around the globe lately? Or maybe, it would appear to just be a helpful instrument to help Islamic fundamentalists in their definitive objective of global control by Islam.

The Palestinians have made it clear that their goals don’t end at the West Bank and Gaza, but instead stretch out to ALL of what constitutes introduce day Israel. By a similar token, should they get their direction and Israel be expelled from the photo, there would be nothing to prevent Islam from continuing to “overcome” Europe and the United States on their way to their definitive objective of changing over the heathens of the world to the one genuine religion… The world may not understand it yet, but rather it ought to be appreciative that Israel is here to go about as a “support” and keep Arab psychological oppression from landing full drive on their doorstep.