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By | January 22, 2017

On the off chance that surely one of your explanations behind this jihad is to clear underhanded political gatherings, degenerate, unreliable, criminal and dangerous political initiative of Nigeria, then the masses is decidedly behind you since they are our fundamental issue not you. Sibling, I have one question for you, since you begun this jihad what number of degenerate legislator have you rebuffed?

According to examinations by me, it was found that Mr. Loai Deeb has been a haven searcher who came to Norway in 2006 and had 20 euros in his pocket. While he turned into a lawmaker because of his Palestinian associations, he later shaped his own NGO (Global Network for Rights and Development). In 2015 his establishment was accepting more than 30 million EUR and a few trade sums out its Norway workplaces from organizations that were claimed and worked by Deeb and his significant other.

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Deeb utilized a few of individuals to cover his tracks, Mr. Jehad Ahmed Naim Jaghoub, who is a Jordanian national and is said to have hitched to Ms. Evgenia Kondrakhina, who is likewise part of the GNRD cash clothing trick. Jehad and Evgenia are both senior individuals in GNRD and have been living in Norway since 2 years. In 2015 the Norway police additionally kept both spouse wife twosome for addressing as they were found with huge total of trade sums out their homes in Stavanger.

Both are on the keep running from Norway and are remaining on Deeb’s cost in Hotel’s in Geneva, Switzerland under the guise of work in the United Nations for GNRD.Jehad and Evgenia are both close partners of Deeb and have been included in a few help works.