Villager Hunting Snakes in Forest

By | January 22, 2017

Sibling you raised the issue of underhanded political gatherings driving the nation, degenerate, reckless, criminal and deadly political initiative of Nigeria as one reason for the jihad. My sibling I am your first observer in this matter. Debasement has eaten profound into the filaments of this country. Today degenerate government officials are met with National Honors and boss titles.

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They fly in private streams since they would prefer not to drive on awful streets. They travel abroad for medicals since they realize that they have turned our healing centers to death cave. Their kids school in the best schools abroad on the grounds that they realize that our schools barely create graduates that can contend great with their partners on account of misappropriation of training assets. Abu, we yell and they imagine that they are hard of hearing.

We cry however it appears our tear is concealed. Destitution and demise is presently the request of the day. Nigerians bite the dust every day in thousands in view of these coldhearted and underhanded legislators. Truth be told, the quantity of individuals that have kicked the bucket due to the plundering of national assets is not as much as the number you and your orders have murdered.

In the event that we total the quantity of Nigerians that bite the dust every day in vehicle mischances on account of awful streets, those that lose their lives because of absence of medications or individuals that have passed on amid flame flare-ups in view of absence of electric power you will concur with me.