War crimes of Indian army

By | January 2, 2017

Shrub openly proclaimed to the world, that he was propelling a Crusade. The Crusades were a thousand years back, when the Pope drove his Christian armed force crosswise over Europe, slaughtering each Jew on his approach to recovering the Holy Land, until he stood knee somewhere down in Muslim blood in Jerusalem.

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In the Holy Christian Bible, it says that when Jesus returns, he will order the greater part of his heavenly attendants to take each and every non Christian man, lady and tyke and toss them into the fire, since they are genuine live demons, with horns leaving their heads, and tails and cloven feet. (Matthew 13: 36-43). Presently, if Jesus Christ is in charge of the Christian Holy Bible, then he ought to be parodied.

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Envision this toon in your brain. A since quite a while ago unshaven Jewish Rabbi is sitting at the controls of a stealth aircraft going to drop a bomb fit for shattering the whole globe named Earth. The Old Testament Psalm 2 says that when the Jewish Messiah comes, he will take a pole of iron and pound each and every non Jewish man, lady and youngster into a million pieces and overcome the World for Judaism. In the event that God of Mount Sinai said this, then he ought to be disparaged.

The incongruity is that Christianity received the Old Testament into their Holy Bibles as did Islam and now each of the 3 religions trust that when the Messiah lands on Delta flight 929, he will pound all non adherents like a potter’s vessel into a billion pieces, since they read it in Psalm 2 of their Holy Bible, and the general population are presently taking after that lead.