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By | January 17, 2017

Here, we have struck upon another meaning of resilience, one that has unfortunately delighted in far reaching acknowledgment all through the world: a definition that unmistakably infers that being religiously tolerant means not having any firm convictions in matters of profound quality and God. The fundamental misconstruing behind that definition is based upon the misinterpretation that one surrenders something besides inner self and self-pride when other also held religious convictions are endured. Such is not the situation, in any event not from the point of view of Freemasonry.

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When you endure different religious convictions you are not required to embrace those convictions as your own. Nor is it required that you locate a specific truth in those different convictions. In spite of the fact that the inability to do as such may uncover you as an extremely incautious and contract individual, unwilling to find the enormous incentive in differing qualities, that alone does not really render you narrow minded.

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To be tolerant you essentially should will to stretch out religious flexibility to individuals of every religious convention despite the fact that you may dissent, in entire or to a limited extent, with the lessons of those different religions.

The custom chose by Freemasonry to give astute and genuine truths has no single source. It is not Christian, Jewish, Islamic or Hindu.