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By | December 28, 2016

What’s more, I sat in our nearby Islamic Center last Friday morning and listened to my companion Sheik Mansour, talking live through Skype linkup from Iran, speaking to Muslims in Sydney not to become involved with any cycle of viciousness ought to this book-blazing happen, and not to begin smoldering Christian Bibles accordingly, and not to do anything of the sort, but rather to respond with pride and restriction.

Also, I joined in the celebratory Eid breakfast (commending the end of Ramadan), snickering and kidding with the two Muslim Sheikhs there – them letting me know that they had just welcomed me so as to attempt and change over me and me letting them know that obviously I had just acknowledged the welcome so as to change over them!

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Furthermore, as we occupied with deferential civil argument and discourse over breakfast, occurring with regards to honest to goodness fellowship and common regard, I was extremely aware of the reality this, unfortunately, was not the standard.

But rather that in such a large number of cases the boundaries of doubt, partiality and dread are great to the point that such straightforward substances as the sharing of a dinner amongst Christian and Muslim neighbors never happens.