Watch the huge animal

By | December 28, 2016

Thus I have viewed with sickening apprehension the ”ground zero mosque’ debate this week – a fight that clarifies that the assault on the Twin Towers is viewed as an assault by Islam itself! The individuals who proposed assembling the mosque have attempted to recommend obviously.

That it was not Islam as a religion that made the assault, and that in certainty there were a noteworthy number of Muslim individuals among those slaughtered on 9/11, yet this undeniable bit of clear great sense appears to have been altogether lost, as all Muslims appear to be held up for fault – the general population, the religion itself, and their book!

Thus I have at the same time checked with fear the proposed Quran-smoldering booked for now by Pastor Terry Jones of the (incompetently named) ‘Dove World Outreach Center’ in Florida, as I have in like manner viewed with sickening dread the irate response of various Muslims in Afghanistan, blazing American banners and calling for ‘death to all Christians’.

Also, I have heard the supplications of Christians in Gaza who wind up being focused by irate Muslim neighbors, as more individuals purchase into this fabricated clash and take their sides on every side of the developing partition.