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By | December 25, 2016

Islam started with Ismal, the child of Abraham or O’b-smash in its unique sense. The last signifies ‘circle bearing the slam’ and ‘ra-m’ or ‘ra-mama’ signifies ‘capable mother’. It is in ‘Rama-dan’ while “Rama” is the main divine force of the Vedic Trinity. ‘I-s-mama el’ signifies ‘eye of light-mother god’ and is an immediate reference to the sun. In another adaptation ‘I-s-el-m’ it is “Islam” and Ismal is the Assyrian alluded to in the Old Testament.

O Assyrian. The pole of mine outrage, and the staff in their grasp is mine resentment.” Isaiah 10:5Ismal is the primary monster of Revelation and one of the two candles. It sparkles the false profound light over an expansive part of the total populace today. The other is Constantine, an Amorite by birth.

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He built up the Roman Catholic Church on Islamic standards and Jerome, the specialist of the congregation, took the celebrations, request of administration, laws, outfits, logbook, and instruments from the Imperial Islamic religion for its own.

The new “confidence” conveyed forward similar thoughts of everlasting life and their shared characteristics by and by, imagery, and confidence demonstrate their root. The Catholic Church is a branch of Islam and the sun was made Mother of God from the Mother God of Babylon whose name was Mari, or Mary which signifies ‘mother’s capable eye’. She is proclaimed the mother of Jesus Christ that Constantine developed for his religion

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