What is the Rider doing

By | December 2, 2016

The Quran expresses that any individual who offers or acknowledges a pay off will be tossed into Hell. However that does not discourage generally Pakistanis. Gift has turned into an integral part of our general public but we are an Islamic country. There are liquor distilleries inside the nation but then we are an Islamic country. The last I read was that liquor creation or utilization is a wrongdoing. However in Pakistan, a considerable measure of men and ladies, youthful and old expend mixed beverages. The question is the thing that kind of Islam we are taking after.

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The Holy Quran lays extraordinary accentuation on the training of each man and lady however howdy are 40 million kids matured 5-19 years of age who don’t go to class. There are numerous unshakable men who trust that ladies ought not be instructed. What kind of Muslims would they say they are who don’t take after the Commandments of God as given in the Quran?

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In the Holy Quran, extraordinary accentuation has been laid upon the responsibility and discipline of men and ladies who confer wrong and underhandedness deeds. However in opposition to that the greater part of our lawmakers, civil servants and rulers appear to be without any morals and ethical quality. They have plundered the national exchequer and brought on terrible harm to the fortunes of the general population and the nation.

However as opposed to rebuffing these men and considering them responsible, these men still hold control. My question is that in the event that we are an Islamic country, then why do we have degenerate skeptics and wolves in sheep’s clothing in power? On the off chance that these men and ladies stay in power, the country may stop to exist.