What kind of freedom it is?

By | February 10, 2017

ISI does not permit any US military onlooker to visit Terrorists Training Camps (TTC) in Pakistan Occupied Poonch and Kashmir (POPK) to keep the quantity of outside fear based oppressors being prepared suspicious with the goal that Pakistan could stealthily carry out the vast majority of the remote prepared psychological militants to Afghanistan and Iraq to battle Jihad against US as it were.IIT Training Factories in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sudan

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USA and Western Nations ought to comprehend that until unless worldwide fear based oppressors assembling and trading production lines set up in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Ethiopia are not totally disassembled and devastated, the world can’t be liberated from IIT.

Indian insight organizations have recorded almost 34 TTC in POPK to battle undercover war in Kashmir. Infact, it is the ISI configuration to keep preparing fear based oppressors in the clothing of Kashmir issue obviously and prepare and supply IIT to other part of the world tactfully. I can hardly imagine how US government is uninformed of different TTC setup in Pakistan.

I am certain that all the worldwide fear mongers from Kashmir, Bangladesh, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other Muslim nations are prepared to battle Jihad, accordingly, psychological oppressors prepared in POPK camps are to battle against USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and other non-Islamic countries.The current introduction of Multinational ethnic Muslim Terrorists preparing camp in Muzzaffrabad region of POPK has still not opened US eyes of betray.