What kind of freedom it is?

By | February 10, 2017

Four; Muslims ought to quit considering uncontrolled developing populace not by the will of God but rather because of their desire. Consistently birth of a recently conceived kid is ascribed to the will of the God and not claim sexual desire. I had lived with a Muslim couple in Sri Lanka who had thirty youngsters.

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He had fifteen children, nine girls alive and six children and nine little girls dozing in the burial ground. In the event that Muslims keep on carryout unprotected intercourses frequently, the organic procedure needed to start. The destitution, wrongdoing, social unsteadiness, expanding unemployment, falling life gauges and scorn towards rich are the genuine reason for expanding populace detestable.

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In the event that Muslims quit considering lady the tilth their populace could be controlled, along these lines, raising their leaving benchmarks. Infact Pakistan and Bangladesh being Muslim Nations had recorded short populace development in their registration. Indeed, even now days, the majority of the well to do Muslim families had just a few youngsters.

Be that as it may, Muslim ministries and fundamentalist urge poor Muslims to keep reproducing youngsters for Islamic cause.A cheerful family makes glad society and upbeat society the Happy Nation and the upbeat world.Five; there is an earnest need of far reaching endeavors to create Muslim countries and zones world over.

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