By | January 24, 2017

In General: There is no affirmation that the Fund will meet its venture objective; speculators couldlose cash by putting resources into the Fund. Likewise with every single shared reserve, an interest in the Fund is not insuredor ensured by the Government of Bangladesh or some other government organization.

Showcase Price Risk: Stock costs and Mutual Fund costs by and large change as a result of the interplayof the different market compels that may influence a solitary backer, industry or the market all in all. TheFund may lose its esteem or experience a significant misfortune on its ventures because of such marketvolatility.

NAV Risk: Stock market patterns demonstrate that costs of many recorded securities move in unpredictabledirections, which may influence the estimation of the Fund’s arrangement of recorded securities. Contingent upon itsexposure to such securities, the net resource estimation of units issued under this Fund can go up or downdepending on different variables and powers influencing the capital markets. Also, there is no guaranteethat the market cost of the Fund’s units will completely mirror the basic resource estimation of the Fund.

Guarantor Risk: notwithstanding business sector and value chance, estimation of an individual security can, moreover, besubject to components exceptional or particular to the backer, including yet not constrained to managementmalfeasance, absence of bookkeeping straightforwardness, administration execution, administration choice to takeon money related influence.