By | January 24, 2017

Such hazard can create in an eccentric design and must be partiallymitigated, and now and then not in any way, through research or due persistence. To the extent that the Fund isexposed to a security whose esteem decreases because of backer hazard, the Fund’s esteem might be weakened.

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Resource Allocation Risk: Due to a thin auxiliary obligation advertise in Bangladesh, it would be difficultfor the Fund Manager to swap between resource classes, if and when required. What’s more, limitedavailability of currency market instruments in the market infers that there are just couple of chances forshort term or impermanent speculations for the Fund.

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Absence of Diversification Risk: Due to little number of recorded securities in both the Stock Exchanges, itmay be hard to put the Fund’s benefits in a broadly expanded portfolio.

Liquidation Risk: Market conditions and speculation designation may affect on the capacity to sellsecurities amid times of market unpredictability. The Fund will be unable to offer securities or instrumentsat the proper cost as well as time.