Wild Dog tears apart its owner

By | January 3, 2017

The sun and the moon are the main divine forces of Islam and that religion began in Babylon with the Amors. They are less notable on account of the distortions by archeologists and students of history who call them by different names yet they were the vanquishing ruling race that led all of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

They are said in old messages as primitive, creature like vanquishers who attacked; oppressed; brutalized; and killed; to take the terrains and manufacture a colossal domain.Their second capital after Babylon was Mary, arranged 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria and they were the Persians and the Syrians who have such a terrible notoriety. What is not known or has gotten away notice is that they constru.

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cted their third capital in Italy and called it Roma (switch Amor). As the Romans they kept on brutalizing and claim all grounds and subjugate prisoners.Excessively Radical? Excessively contentious? Politically inaccurate? Yes to all- – in typical conditions, however we are not in ordinary conditions – not after the slaughter in San Bernardino.

not in the wake of finding that a probably ISIS psychological militant, a lady no less, had exploited our remiss migration screening procedures to enter the United States under the appearance of being a Muslim man’s life partner, expecting to wed him, get a green card, and turn into a perpetual occupant mixing in with whatever is left of us, raising a family, living the American dream.