Wildlife figh*s compilation

By | December 29, 2016

On the Fourth Day in Genesis section one, Yehovah made the Sun and Moon, to act together to report the selected circumstances, or “moadim of the Lord”. There are three outstanding moadim that Yeshua has not yet satisfied, which are the Day of Trumpets, Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and the Feast of Tabernacles. I recommend that each of the rest of the moadim will happen in various years, as much as 1,000 years separated. In this part, we’ll examine what paves the way to the Day of Trumpets.

There are sure “players” amid these most recent seven years, and I’m unverifiable right now how they will connect and happen as intended. The first class rich (Illuminati), association of mystery social orders, the “prostitute”, the Beast (the counter Christ), the false prophet, and the “new world request”, all assume a noteworthy part, at any rate toward the start of the seven years. We’ll take a figure, and talk about them each one in turn.

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The Illuminati plan to slaughter 66% of the Earth’s populace, and oppress the rest to serve “the world class”. These are those that have been serving Satan in mystery social orders for quite a long time, yielding their souls for wealth, not considering the judgment of Yehovah. They have been pushing for the “new world request”, with themselves as experts of the Earth. That is the thing that humankind gets for not educating reality of Genesis, and the Bible.

How about we ignore the mystery social orders until further notice. I’ve been pondering what gather speaks to the “prostitute” in Revelation part 17. Is it Rome, particularly the Vatican? Is it Babylon, the “new world request”? On the other hand is it a blend of the three? The Catholic administration has killed a great many “unity” Christians and Jews previously, and I have not possessed the capacity to associate (or affirm) Babylon (the new world request) with such violations, unless it was done through the Catholic Order of Jesuits. We’ll discuss them later.