You Will Cry After Watching This

By | January 28, 2017

It was Queen Elizabeth and the British government that decline the burden of financial endorse on South Africa amid politically-sanctioned racial segregation. Africans battled in the first and second world wars, wars African had nothing to do with, those war veterans have never been legitimately adjusted. On the off chance that I have it my way all African nations will cut off ties with the federation until African is given her levy.

In the event that the British government would statements of regret to the Irish individuals for occurrences that happened 400 hundred years back why not expressions of remorse for the brutalities, the viciousness exhibited against Africa. We can’t simply release things bye as though they never occurred. I think the British individuals have a decent heart and I am certain they will concur with me on these focuses. It is coming to year 2000, please have it in your inner voice and ask for our absolution, Africa is continually lenient (Max, Gambia).

I am Indian living in the USA for as far back as three decades. The meeting of the Commonwealth Nations was never specified in any of the main daily papers of this nation or even the CNN news appeared in this nation. Pakistan couldn’t mind less regardless of the possibility that it is ousted. As a gathering it might be a smart thought. Essentially, it is toothless. (Srinivasa Rao Sanagavarapu, USA).

This Commonwealth looks like the post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States: enormous announcements with nothing to back them. The main contrast is that no one commends the force of Russia in CIS (Andrej, Russia).