A Woman Caught on Camera While Doing Shameful

By | January 26, 2017

Mumbai pandemonium uncovers glitteringly that psychological warfare ploy could help the colonialists and radical countries to propel their worldwide advantages. Money rich India needs overwhelm world undertakings, impact the world associations, hold Jammu Kashmir under military occupation, and execute Muslims, particularly the Kashmiris with no trials once they are conveyed to its dread care.

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For the sake of “law and request’, Muslims everywhere throughout the nation are captured and imprisoned on the eve of commemoration of pulverization of stupendous Babri Mosque by the activist Hindu Jihads, while Kashmiri Muslims battling for their power back frame occupier India are being abused, tormented and executed all alone grounds, Kashmir. India needs no obstacles to their slaughtering of Muslims either in prisons or outside. Under the front of Mumbai fear based oppression and as squeezed by Indian media-cum-knowledge, Indian government is en route to pass a law to deny the Muslims the privilege to safeguard.

The sorts of fiery articles being masterminded production by worldwide media magnets are famous for their bits of knowledge and examination. Nowadays just the US-drove countries like Israel and India are equipped for educate the world about what is going on, how and why. The whole weight of their contentions are to show how awful the Muslims, the supposed “psychological militants”.

At the point when the supposed majority rules systems say something individuals have a tendency to accept, after all the USA does not tell lie so are the Hindus and Israelis, they think. India media has made it indicate compare psychological militants with Muslims as though Muslims are fear mongers and they ought to be mercilessly murdered.