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By | January 21, 2017

Like the Maktab schools in the Muslim world, Cathedral schools were set up in Europe. In France. Thierry of Chartres construct his illumination drive in light of Islamic writing found in his library. He built up “Chartres” schools in light of his rationality. These establishments offered ascend to the European colleges. In eleventh Century AD the most established college in Europe was established in Salerno.

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Italy on the premise of the Islamic books brought by Constantine from the Masjid of Al Kairouan. Montpellier, a French city, turned into the focal point of instructive magnificence in view of its vicinity to Muslim Spain. Muslim educators used to instruct here. The famous British researcher, Robert, got instructed from here. In 1270AD he composed on Astrolabe and geological facilitates on the premise of learning picked up from Muslim researchers and writing.

The Islamic books made a trip from Toledo to England where Oxford University was set up on the premise of this learning. The students of history note that the fundamental format of Oxford was a copy of the Islamic University of Cordoba. The primary educational programs of Oxford University was set up in Arabic Language as the medium of direction was Arabic the start.

Contrasted and the memorable accomplishments by Muslims in the field of training, the circumstance today is not exceptionally promising .According to the Muslim Scholars, Ibn Khaldoon and Dr. Omer Chapra, the decay of Muslim human progress has an immediate association with learning. The decay began when science was kicked out of Masjid.