Women was attacked by the man

By | December 29, 2016

The ultimate goal is to find peace and a resting place in each other. When it comes to matters of sex, an Islamic couple needs to put time and effort into it. There are things that are acceptable ‘halal’ and others that are forbidden ‘haram’. Therefore, every need of a partner should be met in the right manner. The matters of sex are considered private and, a couple should never discuss such issues with others.

The holy prophet recommends women and men to be sexually appealing and attractive to each other. Being beautiful and elegant in Islam is highly encouraged. This is a very helpful tip to guide Islamic couples on these matters. Finally, an Islamic couple needs to draw closer to Allah in their marriage. It is a way of life and, it is the defining factor that every Muslim cherishes.

Opportunity of religion is limited in numerous Islamic nations, for example, in Saudi Arabia, where the general population routine of religions other than Islam is taboo, in spite of the fact that the Quran itself states, “Let there be no impulse in religion” (The Qu’ran, Surah 2, verse 256). It’s turned out to be clear in their activities that the Islamic fanatics are attempting to present an extremely fierce rendition of Islam.

Amid his “Address in Killineer, Ireland” in Sept. 1979, His Holiness Pope John Paul II stated, “Viciousness is a lie for it conflicts with reality of our confidence, reality of our humankind.” Religious flexibility does not exist at all in numerous socialist nations, for example, North Korea and, to some degree, China.