Women Stealing Caught on Camera

By | January 1, 2017

similar to which is the principal religion, which is the correct religion, thus numerous other religious focuses. Every one of the contentions end with, “You are incorrect, I am correct.” George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is just a single religion, however there are a hundred variants of it.”

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In various religions, individuals depicted the picture of God in various ways. Mother Teresa said, “I see God in each person. When I wash the untouchable’s injuries, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a wonderful ordeal?.

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 The Hindu religion depicts God with a goddess in a large number of pictures. Islam depicts God as the most elevated holiest. Nonbelievers are hesitant to have confidence in God. God has many names and many pictures in various nations and religions. John Lennon said, “God is an idea by which we measure our agony.”

In them name of religion, individuals keep themselves as virgins and do incredible works, similar to those of Mother Teresa or the considerable Ramakrishna. Then again, for the sake of God, a huge number of pure individuals have been murdered. These brutalities were completed by the supporters of religions taking after various morals.

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