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By | December 7, 2016

Presently then, why does a Muslim have an ethical appropriate to his or her authoritative opinions, yet we should be contrite and conditional about our balanced standards of free discourse? Why are writers gotten out for good blame however Muslims are permitted to react with death dangers? Help me comprehend why we scold the great to conciliate the insidiousness? Why do we allow this odd twofold standard?

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I say Muslim Islamic wrath be accursed; supernatural taboos be doomed; creeds be cursed; expressions of remorse be condemned. Ample opportunity has already past to gladly contend for the predominance of our American lifestyle – one that incorporates regard for the privileges of the individual, one that incorporates flexibility, flourishing and quest for common joys – not one that looks for a world in which the privileges of all are relinquished to the manages of Islam.

Too, perhaps its opportunity to proclaim that activist gatherings and states that utilize viciousness and pandemonium as a reaction to free discourse will never again be met with conciliation, however maybe with something very extraordinary. Some may call it patriotism or saber rattling; I ring it remaining for my nation – and I will never, ever apologize for that.

“No individuals in history have ever survived who thought they could ensure their flexibility by making themselves harmless to their adversaries.