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By | November 27, 2016

Stomach tumor. Controlled research facility ponders utilizing test tubes found that the polyphenols in green tea restrain the development of stomach disease cells.Bladder tumor. One study found that ladies who devoured green tea had a lower danger of creating bladder growth.

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Another study uncovered that bladder growth patients (especially male) who drank green tea had a significantly preferable five-year survival rate over the individuals who did not drink green tea.Esophageal tumor. In creature testing, examines have found that green tea polyphenols hindered the development rate of esophageal tumor cells.

Pancreatic tumor. Scientists have found that an immediate connection exists between drinking green tea and a brought down danger of pancreatic disease. For ladies, the individuals who drank the most green tea were half less inclined to create pancreatic malignancy. Men who drank the most green tea were 37% more averse to create pancreatic disease.

As studies proceed be led with discoveries guiding towards a positive connection between drinking green tea and a diminished danger of tumor, there appears toward be undoubtedly among scientists that green tea is the most solid drink on Earth.