Zalim aqaab nay kesi masoom bachi ko utha liya

By | February 8, 2017

Bloggers and perusers remarking on the story rapidly favored one side and contended about “hostile to Muslim government officials” or how all Muslim men need to wed their sister and afterward give her a beating for good measure. Unfortunately, these horrible, knee – snap and oft not well educated level headed discussions move consideration from the genuine issue.

Interfamily relational unions and the subsequent inbreeding are found in numerous social orders and societies everywhere throughout the world. A few states in the US have passed laws restricting between family relations or marriage as time and science demonstrated the subsequent hereditary issues that it causes. It is not a matter of religion, but rather a matter of culture and being clueless of the dangers.

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English Pakistanis’ between family relational unions are a worry of general wellbeing, because of disproportional representations of birth deformities in their populace. For British society it puts an additional strain on the National Health Service, however shy of acquainting a law with deny these relational unions, there appears to be little should be possible. The proceeded with endeavors to teach individuals about this appear to have been unbeneficial so far.

Woolas is bolstered by Labor individual from Parliament Ann Cryer, who first stood up on the issue two years prior after research indicated British Pakistanis were 13 times more prone to have kids with birth surrenders than the all inclusive community. Cryer told the Sunday Times, “This is to do with a Medieval culture where you keep riches inside the family.”