Zebra kicks lion to death

By | January 21, 2017

Religion actuates an interminable feeling of dread in the brains of men and tries to alarm them into congruity; While Deen regards fear as a type of polytheism and looks to make men gutsy, brave and confident.Religion prompts men to bow before each seat of specialist and notoriety, religious and additionally worldly. Deen urges man to stroll about with his head erect, and achieve self-assurance.

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Religion incites man to escape from battle of life. In any case, Deen calls upon him to confront the substances of life solidly, whatever the risks.Religion treats the universe of matter with scorn and calls upon man to repudiate it. It guarantees heaven just in the Hereafter as a reward for the renunciation of the material world. Deen, then again, orders the triumph of matter and leads man to boundless statures of fulfillment. It urges him to look for prosperity and bliss in this world and also felicity in the life Hereafter.

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? Religion supports faith in submission to the inevitable, and this has a tendency to discourage man from dynamic life and self-improvement. Deen gives labor to test destiny, and gives vitality to an existence of action and self-advancement.

? Religion tries to comfort the powerless, the defenseless and the persecuted with the conviction that the issues of this world are represented by the Will of God and that its acknowledgment and renunciation charms them to God. This kind of showing normally tends to bleakness, and encourages their religious pioneers who purport to decipher the Will of God, so they enjoy their offenses with impeccable exemption and influence the followers to an entire and calm accommodation. Deen, then again, raises the flag of rebel against all types of oppression and misuse. It calls upon the frail and the persecuted to take after the Divine Laws and subsequently try to build up a social request in which all despots and oppressors will be compelled to acknowledge the directs of right and equity. In this social request, there is no place for despots, business people or ministers. They are all adversaries of Deen.