Zulm Ki Intiha Dekhein

By | February 10, 2017

The assault had shaken the Americans as well as constrained the Western Nations to see developing Islamic Fundamentalist and Terrorists Threat (IFTT) to the world Peace at the transnational levels. Why Islamic psychological oppressors had cooked 3037 blameless regular folks alive could never be known to the friends and relatives of dead individuals? Is Pakistan a Terrorist State?

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At any rate, I feel that the assault on USA soil was with the twin point of one, exhibiting Muslim fear based oppressors set out to oppose USA administration; and the second to pass on a message toward the Western Nations that psychological militant can strike at each place on the earth freely.

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President Bush’s endeavors in post WTC assault had manufactured a solidarity among the Western countries to battle the hazard of International Islamic Terrorism (IIT). I would state that till 9/11/01, all the past US Government’s were safe to the torments, sufferings and agonies of casualties of ISI planned and executed regular fear monger’s assaults in India.

However, US outside strategy producers were faintly recognizing Indians cries against Pakistani supported psychological oppression; yet they had constantly kept up twofold standard approach towards controling Pakistan. I am still certain that WTC assault couldn’t have be completed without unpredictable learning and arranging of famous ISI Agency of Pakistan.