5 Disturbing and Shocking Moments

By | January 28, 2017

The Commonwealth is an Entity that is digging in for the long haul. It is just time that will quantify it accomplishments. Be reminded that there is opportunity to join or quit. There is no jackass being compelled to drink water by the district in this period. It may be a smart thought to search for some place else to vent your outrage and disappointments. (Yokana Osire, USA.).

Republic is not a talking shop. It can be an imperative organ and powerful weapon to managing despots, for example, devilish late Sani Abacha and this current Pakistant strongman who woke up and ousted the general population’s popular government. Nonetheless, there is much governmental issues required in their choices. (Dr. Kienuwa Obaseki, Nigeria).

The association has kept on remaining inert even as a few nations are going in reverse in term of democratization and the regard for fundamental human rights. The association does not appear to have characterized its line in the issues of its part nations. In a few nations we are achieving a phase where we are reluctant to reprimand even the conspicuous degenerate and narrow minded inclinations of the general population in government.

There is such a great amount of oppression in these nations to the degree that we should begin denying ourselves its citizenship as a result of the much irreversible activities going on. It’s even much better now to live in another nation than in your own particular nation. Extremely despicable to be sure (Kennedy Chama, Zambia).