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By | January 28, 2017

The word is initially gotten from Cash simple i e stream of money.In great time long past circumstances the silk course was going through Kashmir and the merchndice used to remain in KASHMIR .It is said the greater part of the grains and dry natural products used to bartered in thee markets of Kashmir.The capital of Kashmir was a cntral put flankened by the hot climatic states of Punjab and whatever is left of the tropics of present India and Pakistan.

on one side and frosty deserts and calm climatic zone of the present day Russia,china,afganistan,and recent USSR .Even upto 1947 this course of exchange did exist and was named as silk route.With the water transport getting to be distinctly less expensive and basic as boats this unique ship course reduced in its substance .New markets supplanted it yet the customary

The cashmere is a fleece as said and clarified above.In the condition of Kashmir it is found as undercoat in goats of a specific territory of the icy leaves now called as Ladakh.ladakh has curious Mongolian elements shich take after Chinese and Japanese component more than to Kashmiris.Kashmiri elements are ayarayian with long roman nose and expansive and tall bodies.

The cashmere exchange has been the restraining infrastructure of every one of these races in a phenomenal humanistic way and dispersion of the work.The tribial Mongolian or Chinese/Japanese cause individuals used to raise these cashmie or pashmnia goats in the high and blustery dry cool deserts of the zone now UNDER china,Pakistan and India.