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By | January 25, 2017

Chart 3, demonstrated that 57% of male respondents and 30% female respondents were profoundly qualified. In this way, male respondents were higher qualified when contrasted with female.The diagram 4 archives the month to month salary of the guardians respondents. As apparent from the chart that male respondent has a place with well acquiring families as contrast with female respondents.

As obvious from the diagram 5 this demonstrates the creation of groups of the respondents, the dominant part of respondents having four individuals in their family.As obvious from the diagram 6 all parent respondents viewed PTV routinely.As obvious from the diagram 7 that larger part (13%) of male-respondents viewed PTV in night and late night as contrast with female respondents who got a kick out of the chance to watch Pakistan Television in morning and evening.

Chart 8 demonstrated that lion’s share of parent watches Pakistan Television for 2 to 3 hours day by day.Chart 9 mirrors that all youngsters respondents were standard watchers of Pakistan Television.

The aftereffects of the diagram 10 demonstrates that youngsters get a kick out of the chance to sit in front of the TV in night for the most part yet a few respondents jump at the chance to watch in evening too.