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By | January 28, 2017

Another issue confronting the association is that the Commonwealth has no sanction like that of the United Nations Organization (UNO) and association of African Unity (African Union). Along these lines there are no standard guidelines to control the administering or operations of the association.

Part expresses no longer concede free development to workers from other part nations. This circumstance has negative effect on reciprocal relationship of part states.

Numerous part states have a place with other global associations and this makes partitioned devotion. For instance, the special duties settled upon by part conditions of Commonwealth no longer get with the development of various financial alliances in the worldwide framework. England herself is by and by more board of trustees to the European Economic Community (EEC) than to the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth had no influence and hardware to constrain part states to agree to its choices and resolutions”. This obviously is a difficult issue that tares the association all over.Part states figure distinctive remote strategies as directed by their-national interests and some of the time contrary to the Common position of the Commonwealth.