Girls and Boys of Pakistan Enjoying

By | February 10, 2017

The desperation with which President Bush Junior had explained USA’s expectation to bring culprits of WTC 9/11/01 assault to equity, had still remained a remote long for US even today. Despite the fact that the Bush organization had possessed the capacity to gather world pioneers’ supposition against fear based oppression, yet USA had wretchedly herself flopped in all field of diminishing psychological warfare at worldwide level and to bring Osama-canister Laden (OBL) to equity.

What to discuss catching and rebuffing, the US whole war apparatus couldn’t come to know where about of OBL till date. OBL is accepted to be especially alive under ISI protégé in the sheltered sky of NWFPA ranges in Pakistan.Pakistan’s Cantankerous Game casualties: India and USAWhy has USA so far neglected to catch Osama-canister Laden?

Answer to my question is covered up in the Government of India’s (GOI) rehashed endeavors of uncovering Pakistan’s infamous ISI-OBL-Dawood trio worldwide fear based oppressors connections and ISI part in sending out universal psychological militants from Pakistan fear mongers creating processing plants running from different Madarssas. ISI realizes that US can do nothing without their help; consequently, the Pakistan government is playing twofold diversion both with India and US.

While Pakistan had persuaded, the US initiatives that she is preparing outside psychological militants to battle Jihad in Kashmir; all things considered ISI is stealthy carrying out remote fear based oppressors prepared in those camps to Afghanistan and Iraq to battle against US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization country’s powers.