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By | January 31, 2017

Bokhara carpets are reasonable for any sort of inside stylistic theme and can be set in rooms and corridors. The greater part of these floor coverings comprise of geometrical examples rehashed each few inches. Floor coverings known as “Jaldar” make utilization of silk decorate. In the event that the silk utilized as a part of their making is counterfeit, the completed cover won’t be of good quality.

Ajrak is a name given to a one of a kind type of blockprint shawls. These shawls show extraordinary plans and examples made utilizing square printing by stamps. Regular hues utilized while making these examples may incorporate yet are not constrained to blue, red, dark and yellow. This old craftsmanship is produced using vegetable colors with square prints in naval force blue on maroon foundation customarily, It is likewise an image of respect and glory.

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The arrangement of Ajruk in a few phases, beginning from the essential cotton material that is then dyed in an extremely natural and old way – utilizing camel compost. The bit of material is then colored in the customary shades of naval force blue and maroon utilizing stamps produced using wood to put designs on the fabric. Weaved themes are added to include esteem and enhance this lively length of material. The pieces are further enhanced with sequined work and dabs to give it a more happy look.

Ajrak is an indispensable piece of Sindhi culture. Its utilization is clear at all levels of society, and the material is held in high regard, with the most extreme regard given to it. As per Sindhi customs Ajrak is likewise displayed as an endowment of friendliness to visitors and is worn on bubbly events, for example, weddings.

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