Sahal samndr pr holknak taraqay

By | February 7, 2017

There have been not very many COAS who have endeavored to stay in their breaking points and show genuine polished methodology. Here I just tried to draw a correlation of General Kyani and his forerunner General Musharraf in slugs.

Unlike General Musharraf who came into spotlight simply in the wake of getting to be COAS, General Kyani had officially made it to features by his part as DG Military operations in 2001 Indian eight-month remain off and effectively exploring endeavors on Musharraf and furthermore being instrumental in manages Benezir Bhutto amid the legal emergency.

General Kyani has driven this war against TTP from front and reliably expanded his visits to battle area to support the troops, while Musharraf concentrated more towards anticipating penances made by armed force.

So far no voice has been heard against General Kyani to the extent defilement is concerned. Then again, General Musharraf couldn’t legitimize his structures, pads and rich way of life.