Shocking and Shameful Incident in Karachi

By | February 7, 2017

In particular, Obama must be to a great degree watchful with how he names ‘psychological oppressors’. Will a fear monger be anybody that assaults US or NATO military guards? Ideally not. The Pashtuns are not psychological oppressors like individuals from al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is a worldwide system that conveys fear to different nations.

The Pashtuns basically shield their country, their way of life and their religion from remote attack. On the off chance that US or NATO military stations are assaulted on Pashtun grounds later on, and if the US pronounces war on the whole Pashtun tribe, Obama ought to then get ready for a long, burdensome and likely vain guerrilla war.

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Craig Considine, 23, is an exploration aide at the School of International Service at American University for Ambassador Akbar Ahmed. He holds a MSc from the University of London in Politics and International. Craig is as of now the film chief of the Journey into America extend under Ambassador Ahmed.

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