Zalim aqaab nay kesi masoom bachi ko utha liya

By | February 8, 2017

In an article initially distributed by the London Sunday Times this week, Britain’s Environment Minister Phil Woolas again refered to the perils of inbreeding in the Pakistani outsider group in Britain. Fittingly calling it “the glaring issue at hand”, Woolas was mindful so as to bring up it was the “Pakistani people group” – who simply happen to be generally Muslim. Regardless of picking his words painstakingly, Woolas, who served beforehand as Race Relations serve, has started a discussion among British Muslims.

Woolas, who speaks to the ethnically blended area of Oldham East and Saddleworth, stated, “In the event that you converse with any essential care specialist they will disclose to you that levels of inability among the… Pakistani populace are higher than the overall public. Also, everyone knows it’s created by first-cousin marriage. That is a social thing as opposed to a religious thing. It is not illicit in this nation.”

“The issue is that a large number of the guardians themselves and huge numbers of the general population representatives are themselves results of first-cousin relational unions. It’s exceptionally troublesome for individuals to state ‘you can’t do that’ since it’s an extremely touchy, human thing,” Times Online revealed.

The online blogosphere and different daily papers immediately took after the story, frequently untrustworthily. Spero distributed a comparable story titled, “UK serve cautions of ‘Muslim inbreeding”, despite the fact that Woolas said no such thing. That does not appear to matter any more however as the “glaring issue at hand” has been uncaged.